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Lord Ram‘s spouse, Goddess Sita, was born in Janakpur. The Ramayan claims that King Janak was the owner of the Ram Janaki temple in the Janakpur region. The main Janaki temple is entirely constructed in a distinctive bright white classical and neoclassical style, with rich Mithila style buildings. When the Janak monarch governed the region, his daughter Janaki (Sita) made Lord Ram her husband during her swoyambhar and eventually became queen of Ayodhya. According to legend, Goddess Sita lived in the area and had a golden statue there. On the very place where the statue was discovered, a temple that was dedicated to her was constructed in 1657. The venue of their wedding ceremony, known as Ram Janaki Bibaha Mandap, is still standing nearby the main temple.

Hindu pilgrimage is prominent and revered at Janakpur Dham. Thousands of pilgrims come to the Ram Janaki temple every year to worship Lord Ram and Goddess Sita from various parts of Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, and other nations. In Janakpur, the primary celebrations occur on Ram Nawami, Bibaha Panchami, Dashain, and Tihar. Ram Mandir, Laxman Mandir, Bibaha Mandap, Ganga Sagar Lake, and Dhanusa Sagar neighboring temples are the most frequented pilgrimage sites in addition to the major Janaki temple. Another pilgrimage location in Janakpur is Dhanusa Dham, which is located around 25 kilometers from the main Janaki Temple. Janakpur is located 225 kilometers south of Kathmandu and 20 kilometers from the Indian border.


Day 1- Travel from Kathmandu to Janakpur

Day 2- Visit Janaki temple including Ram Mandir, Laxman Mandir, Bibaha Mandap, Ganga Sagar Lake, and Dhanusa Sagar

Day 3- Return back to Kathmandu

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20,000 Npr

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