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1Airport arrival/departure ( 2 hrs. only)6051059121018152118Book Now
2Mountain Flight11001925220033003850Book Now
3Disposal charge per hour (min. 4 hrs.)38567477011551348Book Now
Kathmandu half day sight seeing (3 hrs only) If more than 3 hrs will be charge the disposal charge hour
5Dinner11001925220033003850Book Now
6Ring road inside11001925220033003850Book Now
7Gokarna only11001925220033003850Book Now
8Kapan only11001925220033003850Book Now
9Bhaktapur only13752406275041254812Book Now
10Bhudanilkhantha13752406275041254812Book Now
11Bhudanilkhantha - Shivapuri21453754429064357508Book Now
12Ring road inside13752406275041254812Book Now
13Kritipur only13752406275041254812Book Now
14Chobar13752406275041254812Book Now
15Bagmati River15952791319047855583Book Now
16Godawari15952791319047855583Book Now
17Bajra Barahi Chapagaun15952791319047855583Book Now
18Dakshinkali15952791319047855583Book Now
19Hattiban Resort19803465396059406930Book Now
20Sundarijal15952791319047855583Book Now
21Sankhu15952791319047855583Book Now
22Changunarayan15952791319047855583Book Now
23Sanga17052984341051155968Book Now
24Dhulikhel19253369385057756738Book Now
25Dhulikhel - Sanga21453754429064357508Book Now
26Dhulikhel - Panauti302552946050907510588Book Now
27Panauti only25854524517077559048Book Now
28Bhaktapur and Nagarkot302552946050907510588Book Now
29Nagarkot only26404620528079209240Book Now
30Lakuri Vanjang21453754429064357508Book Now
31Bhaktapur and Changunarayan18703273374056106545Book Now
32Nagarjun302552946050907510588Book Now
33Kakani19253369385057756738Book Now
34Bhaktapur and Dhulikhel23104043462069308085Book Now
35Fulchwoki302552946050907510588Book Now
36Swoyambhu, Kathmandu city & Patan27954905560584159818Book Now
37Pashupati, Bouddha & Budhanilkhantha27954905560584159818Book Now
38Bouddha, Pashupati & Bhaktapur27954905560584159818Book Now
39Four Places Inside Ring Road27954905560584159818Book Now
40Dakshinkali, Chovar & Kritipur27954905560584159818Book Now
41Bhaktapur, Changunarayan & Nagarkot3845673577001154513475Book Now
42Nagarjung & Balaju4158727583151247514553Book Now
43Phulchowki & Godawari4158727583151247514553Book Now
Trishuli, Dhunche Route
44Kathmandu - Trishuli - Kathmandu same day1604835846596701451516935Book Now
45Kathmandu - Dhunche - Kathmandu same day260750513130150152252026278Book Now
46Ktm-Syafrubeshi-Ktm same day300866315155173252598530320Book Now
Daman simbhanjyang Route
47KTM to Daman same day18054409525108851633519058Book Now
48Chitwan to Daman in a way302052956045907010585Book Now
Kathmandu - Namobuddha - Kodari - Jiri Route
49KTM - Namobuddha-ktm (same day return)1153475608569551043112171Book Now
50KTM - Vakundebesi (same day return)1323993698579851197513975Book Now
51KTM - Nepalthok (same day return)18555959790111901678819585Book Now
52KTM - Palanchowk Bhagawati (same day return)1303930688078651179513765Book Now
53KTM - Dolalghat (same day return)120
3625635072551088512700Book Now
54KTM - Melamchi (same day return)1604840847096801452016940Book Now
55KTM - Chautara
(same day return)
190574810059114951724220115Book Now
56KTM - Barabise
(same day return)
18656259845112501687519685Book Now
57KTM - Boarderland
(same day return)
210606010610121251819221220Book Now
58KTM - Kodari (same day return)238687112025127352061524050Book Now
59KTM - Charikot
(same day return)
290836514650167452511529305Book Now
60KTM - Jiri
(same day return)
3961142520010228653430040020Book Now
Kathmandu to Charaudi Mugling Route
61KTM - Malekhu (same day return)1503655635072551088512705Book Now
62KTM - Charaudi (same day return)1824405770588051321015415Book Now
63KTM - Fishling
(same day return)
2104845848597001455016975Book Now
64KTM - Dhadingbesi
(same day return)
1954715825594351415516517Book Now
65KTM - Kuringhat
(same day return)
22050808895101651524517785Book Now
66KTM - Mugling
(same day return)
24055409700110851663019400Book Now
67Muglin - Pokhara
(same day return)
1904595804591951379516095Book Now
Kathmandu - Gaighat - Chitwan & Narayanghat Route
68KTM - Chitwan Gaighat (same day return)280646511265128751931522435Book Now
69KTM - Chitwan - Jugodi ( same day return )290669511720133952009523445Book Now
70Ktm - Narayanghat ( same day return )312720512613144142162125225Book Now
71KTM - Sauraha ( same day return )350808514148161652425528295Book Now
72KTM - Chitwan Jungle Lodge ( same day return )370854514955170902564029910Book Now
73KTM - Chitwan Machan ( same day return )390900515760180152702531532Book Now
74KTM - Narayani Safari ( same day return )370854514955170952564029910Book Now
75KTM - Chitwan Island ( same day return )390900515760180152702531532Book Now
76KTM - Chitwan Tharu Village ( same day return )410947016575189402841233145Book Now
76KTM - Chitwan Temple Tiger ( same day return )410947016575189402841233145Book Now
77KTM - Chitwan Megauli ( same day return )370854514955170902564029910Book Now
Kathmandu - Gaighat - Chitwan & Narayanghat Route
78KTM - Abukhaireni ( same day return)24456359860112701690519725Book Now
79Abukhaireni to Gorkha ( same day return )5212552200251537704400Book Now
80KTM - Gorkha ( same day return )296683511965136752051023933Book Now
81KTM - Dumre ( same day return )290669511720133952009523445Book Now
82KTM - Beshisahar ( same day return )380877515360175552633030720Book Now
83KTM - Bandipur ( same day return )300692512125138552078524250Book Now
84KTM - Damauli ( same day return )310716112532143302148025060Book Now
85KTM - Khairenitar ( same day return )360831514550166302494829105Book Now
86KTM - Pokhara ( same day return )410947016570189402841033145Book Now
87KTM - Nayapool ( same day return )4951143020010228703430040020Book Now
88KTM - Baglung ( same day return )5581288522555257753867045110Book Now
89KTM - Beni ( same day return )5741325923200265153977546405Book Now
90KTM - Pokhara - Sangja ( same day return )5441256521990251303769543980Book Now
91Pokhara Sightseeing ( half day)17953145359953996299Book Now
92Pokhara Sightseeing ( full day)320056006400960011200Book Now
93Pokhara - Begnas Sightseeing ( half day )18003145360054006300Book Now
94Pokhara - Sarangkot Sightseeing ( half day )18003145360054006300Book Now
95Pokhara - Naudanda Sightseeing ( half day)25004375500075008750Book Now
96Pokhara - Metepani Gumba Sightseeing ( half day )17993145359953996299Book Now
96Pokhara - Metepani Gumba Sightseeing ( half day )17993145359953996299Book Now
96Pokhara - Shanti Stupa Sightseeing ( half day )17993145359953996299Book Now
96Pokhara Fedi Drop17993145359953996299Book Now
97Pokhara to Nayapool Drop3400595038001020011900Book Now
98KTm - Pokhara - Palpa Tansen - Lumbini & Chitwan ( 4 nights - 5 days)7502524044175504857573088355Book Now
99KTM - Pokhara - Mugling - Chitwan - Sauraha & Lumbini ( 4 nights - 5 days)8582773548540554758322097085Book Now
Kathmandu - Hetauda - Birgung - Janakpur - Biratnagar - Kakarbhitta and Dharan Route
100KTM - Hetauda ( same day return )46810805181915216153242537830Book Now
101KTM - Birgunj ( same day return )5561254022475256853853044950Book Now
102KTM - Janakpur ( overnight stay and return )7501930033780386105791067565Book Now
103KTM - Siraha ( overnight stay and return )8302115037015523056345574030Book Now
104KTM - Ghaighat ( overnight stay and return )9052288040045457656865080095Book Now
105KTM - Sindhuli ( overnight stay and return )7321888533055377455666566110Book Now
106KTM - Gaur ( overnight stay and return )66017722530130344505167560290Book Now
107KTM - Malangwa ( overnight stay and return )6821773031030354655320062065Book Now
108KTM - Biratnagar ( overnight stay and return )10822697047200539458092094405Book Now
109KTM - Lahan ( overnight stay and return )8702207538630441506623077265Book Now
110KTM - Kakarbhitta ( overnight stay and return )122030160527806032090485105565Book Now
111KTM - Dharan ( overnight stay and return )10872708547405541758126594800Book Now
112KTM - Dhankuta ( overnight stay and return )118229280512455856587850102490Book Now
113Dhankuta - Hile ( same day return )4012002115241536204230Book Now
114KTM - Ilam ( overnight stay and return )1360333955844066790100180116885Book Now
115KTM - Fidim ( overnight stay and return )1498365806402073165109750128040Book Now
116KTM - Pashupatinagar ( overnight stay and return )131032240564006448096720112840Book Now
Kathmandu - Butwal - Lumbini - Nepalgung - Bardiya - Dhangadi and Mahendranagar
118KTM - Butwal ( same day return )5421251551905250353755043210Book Now
119KTM - Bhairawa - Sunauli ( same day return )6001385524250277154157048505Book Now
120KTM - Lumbini ( overnight stay and return )3601653028930330604959057860Book Now
121Lumbini - Tilaurakot ( same day return )5012052115241536505225Book Now
122KTM - Tansen ( overnight stay and retun )6301653028930330554958957855Book Now
123KTM - Krishnanagar ( overnight stay and return )7301884032965376765652065940Book Now
124KTM - Dang ( overnight stay and return )8902253539440450756761578885Book Now
125KTM - Ghorahi - Tulsipur ( overnight stay and return )8782226038955445206678577915Book Now
126KTM - Pauthan ( overnight stay and return )8602184538220436906553576460Book Now
127KTM - Nepalgunj ( overnight stay and return )10402600045505520057801291010Book Now
128KTM - Bardiya National Park ( overnight stay and return )116028775503555755086325100710Book Now
129KTM - Mahendranagar ( overnight stay and return )1420347826068569560104345121737Book Now
130KTM - Dhangadi ( overnight stay and return )133032702573256540598105114455Book Now
131Around KTM ringroad tour guide/officer pickup, drop240420280725840Book Now

Terms & Conditions

  • 50% Extra will be charged after 08.pm as night charge for arrival and departure
  • If A/C is used in car then 25% extra will be charged.
  • If A/C is used in Haice/Jeep 10% extra will be charged.
  • If A/C is used in Van 15% extra will be charged.
  • For Gully, Grabil, Hilly road 25% extra will be charged.
  • Day Return Vehicle should entered Kathmandu Valley with in 8 pm, If there will be late O/N will be Charged.
  • Day Return Means to Drop up or to Return in the same day. If the vehicle did not returned O/N charge will be charged In above rate.
  • If the Vehicle is not working properly then will have to provide another vehicle as soon as possible.
  • Arrival/Departure For Gokarna Resort/Park Village/Godawari Resort half day will be charged.
  • Above mentioned Rate any kind of taxes is not included.
  • If the amount of Petrol or diesel will be increased Rs 5 then ratelist will be refixed.
  • If the Booked trip is cancelled the 25 % will be charged as a cancel charge.
  • If you need Vat bills 13% will be charging
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