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Kathmandu sightseeing Day Tour offers you a complete set of the city’s art, architecture, history, culture, natural beauty, and, of course, adventure activities. The capital of Nepal, Kathmandu, is situated at a height of 1350 meters above sea level. It is a Valley separated into three cities, including Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Patan. This valley, often known as the “city of temples,” is home to the majority of the old temples, durbar squares, and monasteries.

Among the most well-known temples in the city are Swyambhunath, Bouddhanath, and Pashupatinath. Buddhist temples Swyambhunath and Bouddhanath are where you can observe Buddhist rituals and monks practicing Buddhism. Similar to this, Pashupatinath is the largest Hindu temple and is situated by the holy Bagmati River. In this temple, you may often see Hindu rituals in action. Along with fine arts and painting, Patan is widely known for its wooden and metal crafts.

Patan Durbar Square is its own Durbar square. Several Hindu and Buddhist monuments that were constructed between the 15th and 18th centuries are still standing today. The oldest city in Nepal is Bhaktapur, which is 15 kilometers from Kathmandu.

The Bhaktapur Durbar Square, traditional Newari homes, historic Palace, temples, and Newari culture are all well-known features of this city. King Anand Dev founded this city in 889 ADS, and it was ruled by Malla, who constructed magnificent temples, statues, and a golden gate.


Starting at 7:00 am, we will begin our One-day Kathmandu sightseeing tour. These are the places we’ll be visiting:

  • Pashupatinath Temple
  • Bouddhanath Stupa
  • Narayanhiti Museum
  • Kathmandu Durbar Square
  • Patan Durbar Square
  • Bhaktapur Durbar Square

Tour Prices

10,000 Npr

For details please do call us at +977 9841010127/ 9746511794 or email us at info@nepalexploreveiclerental.com

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